Located in downtown Los Angeles, Multeepurpose is a revolutionary concept in contemporary clothing that believes in harnessing the power of design and infusing it with a purpose. Offered in 100% fine organic cotton, 50/50 Blend, and burnout, each style is guaranteed to be a perfect fit. Engineered for comfort, our shirts are so soft you will never want to take them off.  We use a state of the art digital printing processes as well as water based eco-friendly inks, which allows each design to be printed with a hand as soft as the shirt it was designed to adorn.

Rooted in an authentic commitment to change the world, one tee shirt at a time, we believe that tee shirts are walking billboards – effortlessly spreading ideas and messages. Founder Ruriko Yamada, alongside her team of diverse fashion designers and innovative business personnel, has built a company that stands alone in unparalleled quality and service.  

Our 2010 collections help individuals give back to a wide range of non-profit organizations devoted to animal rights, human rights, and environmental preservation. In Multeepurpose you will look great and feel great. Our products are fashionable and we use fabrics that are so luxurious… you’ll never want to take them off.  What is your purpose? Find it with us.

By committing ourselves to more informed and positive business choices we enable our consumers, members, and partners to do the same. In this challenging economy, indulging your fashion desires can feel a little selfish. So why not be truly fashion conscious and buy brands that support charitable causes? It is effortless activism at its most decadent.

Multeepurpose® is a fashion apparel brand that works with local, domestic, and international non-profits to design and produce high-quality products.

 Enabling consumers to effortlessly support their causes by simply buying one of our fashion tee’s, Multeepurpose®  brings a deeper sense of meaning to fashion and design.  Having a product with a story behind it commands your attention.  The more a story touches you, the more passionate you are about the product. Multeepurpose®  is not only committed to excellence in design, production, and manufacturing, but also to upholding the highest standards of business excellence within the community and environment. 

The decisions consumers make greatly impact the world in which we live. We care because we know that many of today’s business practices are not only unsustainable, they are undesirable. By committing ourselves to more informed and positive business choices, we enable our customers and clients to do the same.

We are committed to excellence in design, production and manufacturing, but also to upholding the highest standards of business excellence in the community. Not only do we support local and international non-profits, our employees take part in many of the non-profits we support.  Multeepurpose®  represents a new breed of company that recognizes profit and the fiscal bottom line alone are not adequate indicators of a company’s success.

Unlike other clothing manufacturers, we refuse to use child labor or slave labor of any kind. The majority of our products are produced on-site in our very own production department. We employ several printers but it is not uncommon to see President Ruriko Yamada or Vice President Shana Dysert printing out a few shirts as well.  All of our employees know our work from the ground up, no matter their title. All other suppliers meet or exceed the Fair Labor Standards set for manufacturing, abroad. This is not a marketing gimmick; we are a company that truly understands the importance of supporting both our community and environment as part of our long-term strategy for success.

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